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Amino Acids are the building blocks for life and everybody needs them. We are specialized in amino acids and premixes, produced according to the highest quality requirements. So we are very concerned about what should not be in our products. Our amino acids are pharmaceutical grade, produced according to cGMP in Germany and they are clean. Clean amino acids, free from impurities, fermentation residues, exotoxins and solvents.

This is the reason that our products are often used in medical nutrition and Foods for Special M,edical Purposes. With our stringent quality systems, we meet the requirements for EU 2016/128. Our amino acids are safe effective, and pure.

Not only can we supply the single amino acids, we can also provide you with amino acids premixes according to your specification. Our starting materials are plant based, so our amino acids and premixes are suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Read further how we can help you in your amino acid requirements.

For sensitive new life

Everybody wants the best for their children. This is one of the reasons that there are strict regulations for the production and distribution of infant formulas. They need to comply with the GMP guidelines, set out in directive EU 2016/128. All our products meet these requirements, to supply you with the quality required. The main applications of our amino acids and premixes are amino acid infant formulas. For more information on of the details of the regulation: 

The message is clear: For FSMP your ingredients need to be free from impurities, residues and need to meet strict  GMP and microbiological standards. 

Your health is precious

We care about quality and we verify this. This means that we only supply the best possible quality amino acids. This is also why we are present in medical and even parental nutrition. At the same time you can use our pure and clean amino acids in health supplements. As contaminants are concerned, you can only know if they are not in there if you have analysed and this is what we do. We check every batch we send out that the products we supply are free from residues and contaminants. The difference between food grade amino acids and pharma grade, is the difference between coal and diamonds.  


Safe Effective and Pure

 The list of what is not (according to chemical analytical methods which apply) in our product is longer than what they contain. What they contain is simple: the amino acids or premix required. However, all our products are free from: 


Fermentation residues

Endo- and Exotoxins.

Microbial contamination. 

Animal components 

You can be sure, it is all pure. Our products are suitable for vegan health and sport supplements.  We work closely together with GMP certified partners to create consumer products.

Your next step in Nutrition

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